What is Digital Eye Strain? Its causes and symptoms

What is Digital Eye Strain? Its causes and symptoms

Digital Eye Strain - Digital Eye Strain is about the eyes and the problem to be seen. Using Computer, tablet, and mobile for a long time creates the problem of Digital Eye Strain. By looking at the screen for a long time, people feel the trouble in the eyes and the problem of seeing.

Digital Eye Strain Symptoms
Digital Eye Strain

People who work long hours day and night on the Digital Screen, therefore, there are many ways in which the Digital Eye Strain can be reduced or prevented.

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital Eye Strain is a temporary problem that occurs after using a computer or mobile or a digital device. Different electronic tools can cause Digital Eye Strain such as TV, Desktop, Computer, Smartphone, E-reader, tablet, and Gaming system. Digital Eye Strain occurs when using a device continuously.

What are the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain?

The most common symptoms of the Digital Eye Strain are :-

  • Eyes are red
  • Go dry
  • To be irritated
  • Light blurring of eyes
  • Pain in waist, neck and shoulders
  • Get a headache

What causes eye strain?

Digital Eye Strain is not an event or activity. If seen, burning and restlessness can happen due to many reasons. Digital tools often have small print and non-pixel photos which we cannot read easily and have to focus more than our eyes. Which can cause stress.

The reason for the stress on the eyes is also that we are not using the digital tool in the right way, such as looking at the tool incorrectly or using it in the wrong angle or using it too far. Blue light is a high energy Visible light. Which is more on the computer. Computers are considered to be the major cause of Eye Strain.

Blue light emits from Digital Tools and puts more emphasis on the eyes than other colors. Blue light has a long wavelength. Blue light can cause problems such as cataract and eye light age. Digital Eye Strain can also happen to people who wear prescription Eye Wear.

How can Digital Eye Strain be prevented?

Digital Eye Strain can be prevented by reducing the use of Digital Media, but in countries like America, the use of Digital Tools cannot be reduced. There are many ways to reduce the effect of the screen on the eyes while using digital tools.

First of all, start by paying attention to your body. Pain in eyes, neck, head, or shoulders suggests that digital eye strain is occurring. Before you feel that your eyes feel burning or tired, or you feel irritable or you feel something like the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. You start the practice of stopping Digital Eye Strain.

  • Maintain distance

Give your device a position, that means keep it at some distance from you so that you can maintain a distance between your eyes and the screen. 

For example - if you are using your mobile, then keep the mobile below the eye level and catch some distance. With this, you can read what comes on the screen comfortably.

  • Reduce the glare slightly

Once you check the control setting of the device, the screen light is not less. If it is, adjust it. If the color of your screen background is colorful, then you can think that it is a good option if you make it cooler gray. The computer device also has filters to do less, which can be easily applied on the computer, which can reduce the Digital Eye Strain.

  • Screen should be clear

Many times the screen of the device gets dust or any stain due to which the screen of the device does not look clear and the eyes are stressed. So clean the dust on the screen of your device.

  • Lower the light around

It is not necessary that you have reduced the light of your mobile, you will also have to keep the light around you low. Light is low when you are inside light. When you are outside, that is, you are exposed to the light of the sun under the open sky, then increase the light slightly, which you do not have to emphasize the eyes on reading.

  • Increase Text Size

The size of the word coming on the screen is small, which has to emphasize the eyes to read. Therefore, the words on the screen or the size of the photo should be slightly enlarged. Increasing the word size can make the eyes comfortable.

  • Blink eyes again and again

Continuously looking at the digital screen or staring, the eyes dry up and there is dryness in it. For this, you have to keep blinking your eyes again and again. You have to remind yourself to blink an eyelid. Which gives time to relax the eyes.

  • Stop a little

By continuously working on the Digital Screen, the Chance of Digital Eye Strain is increased, for this you can take a small break after 30 minutes. Small Break means 20 or 30 feet away from the screen. See We can call it Eyes Break. Taking short breaks can make a big difference on the eyes.

  • Use Computer Glasses

Computer Eyeglasses Digital Eye Strain is a useful tool for reducing eye damage or eye impact. Computer eyeglasses have rapidly become a popular digital eye strain prevention tool. This adjusts the distance between the eyes and the screen.

Computer glasses can be made without doctor's advice. It looks just like a normal spectacle. Its lenses are slightly different. Reflex power in this eyeglass lens is according to the light of the eyes. When you screen, do some work or see something, your eyes get relief.

Some computer glasses also have lenses that absorb the damaging blue light. So you can use a computer with such a screen lens. Whose glass is made of lenses that absorb blue light.

Conclusion (Digital Eye Strain)

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