What is Jio Pos Lite | How to earn money from it?

What is Jio Pos Lite | How to earn money from it?

Recently Reliance Industries has launched Jio Pos LITE App on the Play Store, with the help of which we can make money by recharging Jio online, so without delay let us know what is Jio Pos LITE? How to make money from it?

Due to the lockdown across India due to Covid 19, Jio launched Jio Pos Lite to continue its convenience to its users, with the help of which everyone can recharge their own and their family's mobile at home. 

What is Jio Pos Lite

 What is Jio Pos Lite?

Jio Pos Lite is a Jio Recharge Application, from which you can recharge your own and other's sitting at home, under which you will get 4.16% benefits on recharging.

How to download JioPos Lite App?

  • First open the Play Store
  • Do JioPos LITE Search there and install it.

Apart from this, you can direct download from the link given below.

                           Download Now

How to make money with Jio Pos Lite?

We are all staying at home in this lockdown, but Jio is providing its customers the facility to earn money online from home, that is, if you recharge the mobile of any Jio user, you will get a commission of 4.16%.

So let's see how we earned money by recharging from Jio Pos lite.

  • After installing JioPos LITE, Open and Allow all Permission.

  • After that click on Sign Up, and enter your Email ID and Jio Mobile Number next and click on Generate OTP.

  • Now you have to Done by entering OTP, Validate OTP, Setting Work Location and Allow all Term & Conditions.

  • After successfully signing up, Mpin is to be set, which will be asked while recharging.

Jio Pos Lite

How to Recharge from Jio Pos Lite?

  • After signing up the account, sign in, where you have to enter the Register Jio Mobile Number and click on Generate OTP.

  • After that click on Load Money and add money. (First Time 1000 ₹ whose commission will give you 41.66 ₹ which will be your Earning).

  • After the money is loaded, click on Recharge and you will be able to recharge by typing Jio Number and selecting the plan.
Jio Pos Lite App

Conclusion (Jio Pos Lite)

I hope that with the help of this article, what is what is Jio Pos Lite, JioPos Lite App Download how to make money, how to make money with Jio Pos Lite, how to recharge with Jio Pos lite? Information of all these must have been received, if you like this information, then definitely share it with your friends.

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