Corona Effect On Digital Marketing

Corona Effect On Digital Marketing

Due to Corona virus, every person in the whole world is affected by this, everyone, rich or poor, is worried about the shock and the next moment to come. Worry is about saving lives today, as well as worrying about employment. If the businessman wants to save his business, then the occupation person is in dilemma about his job.

Almost every business in the world has been stalled since January 2020, in such a situation, if the experts are to be believed, then the coming time can prove to be even more challenging, in which the economy and the youth of the country are facing a great danger of the lack of employment.

Undoubtedly, after this epidemic we will see many big changes in the lifestyle of all. People will have to make some distance from the crowded markets and outside food, which can be said that it will have positive effect on online businesses.

If you are a student or are worried about your career due to Covid19, then this Corona Effect On Digital Marketing article will be helpful for you in which today we will take their suggestions from Digital Marketer Karun Walia about how Digital Marketing good career options in this pandemic As can be proved.

Corona Effect On Digital Marketing
Corona Effect On Digital Marketing

Karun Walia has been in the digital marketing field for the last 12 years in which he has successfully led a team of 40 people in his own company, in addition to working in the Corona Effect On Digital Marketing article

Through the following Q & A, you know what is the opinion of Karun Walia Ji on Corona Effect On Digital Marketing:

Q. How do we all get to see the impact of Novel Corona Virus on digital marketing or online business in the coming times?

Due to Covid19, all of us are going through tough times today. One thing is clear from the kind of situation today that in the coming time all of us are going to change our lifestyle, there will not be many things to see before, people will be concerned about their health and shopping from crowded areas is reduced. In such a situation, the customer will consider shopping online as a better option and with time the online business will progress more.

With this, businesses who are offline now will also get the opportunity to come online through the internet, where they will also be able to grow their business easily.

As we know that if a business cannot run without marketing, online business will also be heavily dependent on digital marketing, which will see good opportunities for digital marketers.

Q. Is digital marketing a better option as a career right now?

Of course .. The demand for digital marketing is going to increase a lot at this time and it will also bring excellent opportunities for many technical fields like web development, data management etc.

Q. If a student wants to pursue a career in digital marketing, what should he do for it?

If you are completely new then you should start with basic. Like what is the domain and website. Why and how hosting is useful and to move slowly, for this, there is a very good content on youtube, Udemy etc. which guides very well how all things are done but in it One important thing is that we do not just have to pay attention to rote or listening .. We have to keep doing those things at the same time, then only we will get practical knowledge of all of them.

Q. Do you suggest any online course or digital marketing institute?

I believe more in online courses and in the coming times, I will tell you the reason for that. People will be aware of social distancing at the moment, in this way everyone is going to sit together A better option would be to learn from home.

Also I believe that many institutes keep working on the same pattern for many years while in SEO etc. we all see new updates of income day which students do not get on time and when it is in practical life. He has to face challenges.

So it is better to learn online from Youtube, Udemy etc. Also will prove to be very useful to all of you, from where fresh updates of digital marketing can be taken.

Q. What is the right choice for a new person .. Blogging by yourself or Internship with a digital marketing company?

If you are willing to put efforts alone then blogging is best but if you start working on your own after doing internship for some time, then you will also get to learn a lot of new things and gain important experiences which will help you in moving forward.

Keep in mind that instead of doing internship from an institute etc., it should be done in a company where you can learn something really useful. For this, you can also request internship to the company according to you, as well as contact can also be made through a website like Internshala.

Q. If someone wants to do blogging, then what platform should they start with?

At the beginning of blogging, everyone has the option of Blogger and wordpress .. Blogger is free and there is some expense on wordpress. I would suggest that you also work on wordpress while starting, because here you get many options, as well as you have to connect a lot of things like Hosting Domain etc. Using Plugin as well.

Q. How do you see the challenges growing in digital marketing over time?

The challenge is everywhere .. How we are taking that challenge depends on everything. If you are doing something and you have failed even then you are not a failure. This is also a step towards success.

In the beginning, if you are facing trouble, then you do not panic. Happens with everyone .. Digital marketing is a very big field, for this, you learn it slowly and increase it step by step. Like, firstly it is very important to learn how SEO i.e. organic traffic can be obtained, after that you further learn SMM (Paid traffic) etc.

Q. Digital marketing tools are very expensive, what should we do if we do not have a budget to buy in the beginning?

Of course .. I tell you about myself when I used to have my own limited fund, I also used free tools like Google Keyword Planner. With this, it may take some time to find the data simultaneously, but you will have the necessary data in free. Today, Ubersuggest is also present in free.

After which, as your budget increases, you can take the option of group tools and when all the things are set up well then you can buy different tools.

According to me, Grammarly, Rankmath, Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner are the main ones which are also available in all free. Through them we can easily collect all the data you need, which will be very helpful for you to manage MS Excel in one place.

Q. How did you start your career?

I started with web development but slowly I realized that we need digital marketing, so I started learning digital marketing to market my products. One by one I got to know all the things, work progressed and then we team of 40 people worked together.

Q. How has your 12-year digital marketing journey been?

Whenever we look back, I believe that everyone knows their shortcomings or mistakes, in that case, if I talk about myself, I think I did well but it could have been done better.

Q. What are your future plans?

I feel one thing .. Nature and society have always given us so much, so it becomes the duty of all of us to do something for everyone.

I try to help the children who want to learn digital marketing or if they face any problem in it.

Talking about the plan ahead, we all have 3 basic needs of life, bread, clothes and houses, in this case, my next project is related to this, which will help people in the coming time and make it a very easy part of everyone's lifestyle. Will be done.

The final question: what mistake did you make, but now you will advise others not to do it?

I have made two mistakes in my career that I do not want everyone else to do,

Whenever you start your career, you must first work with a company for some time, whether it is an internship or whatever, but this gives you a lot of experience and then you are left with mistakes in your work further. 

Also, always keep in mind the other thing that if you are starting the work with another person, then you both have the same passion for work and you work equally hard. Walking will disturb you a lot and your relationship may also deteriorate.

So friends here were some answers from Karun Walia ji on Corona Effect On Digital Marketing. Hopefully you must have learned something new from this article.

In fact, Karun Walia is as compassionate as his name and is always ready to help everyone. If you want to get advice from Digital Marketer Karun Walia, you can contact us through Email: Also, if you have some suggestions, do not forget to write us in the comment box below.

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