What is a Guest Post? What is its importance in SEO?

What is a Guest Post? What is its importance in SEO?

What is a Guest Post - If you are a blogger then it is very important for you to know about Guest Post because one step of the success of online marketing and blogging is Guest Blogging or Guest Posting.

Backlinks are very important to increase blog authority and there are many ways to create backlinks.

But backlinks created by Guest Blogging are an important factor of SEO because the quality of these backlinks is better than backlinks made in another way.

What is a Guest Post? What is its importance in SEO?
What is a Guest Post? What is its importance in SEO?

Simple principle: When you give a post to another blogger according to his need, then that blogger mentions your name and blog URL under that post.

Because of which your blog gets a high quality do follow backlink, along with that guest post always gets referral traffic.

Below the guest post is your name and blog name, due to which visitors of that blog start to know about your blog, due to which more people are identified with your blog, blog traffic increases.

Is Guest Blogging necessary for SEO?

The short answer is Yes.

Guest Blogging is a must for SEO. But using some wrong methods, Guest Blogging also has a significant impact on SEO.

Matt Cutts told in the decay and fall of guest blogging in 2014 how doing Paid Guest Post affects the ranking of your blog.

Guest Blogging is still the best way to create Quality Backlinks in Online Marketing.

But still, before accepting any guest post, check the guest post author's website and do not link in the post of spammy links.

In this post, we will tell you how you can improve without risk SEO by guest blogging.

Is Guest Posting Important for Blogger?

The short answer to this question is yes.

As long as Blogger publishes posts on other blogs, shares new content with each other and uses external links, then it is very useful for blog readers.

Using External Links, we also show the information shared by other bloggers to our blog readers, so that the visitors get detailed information about Topic and they are satisfied with our Blog Post.

Even other big bloggers like Neil Patel also give an external link in almost every paragraph of the blog post so that visitors can get all the information about the topics in detail.

Therefore it is necessary to create a relation from other bloggers for external linking and backlinks which can be created only and only by guest blogging.

Therefore, Guest Blogging is very important for all online marketers.

Guest Post Understand some important things to do.

Guest Blogging All bloggers should do because it has many benefits which we will see below.

Guest Blogging is very easy but for this, you must take care of some things.

# 1 Find Related Blogs: You should choose the blog related to the topic on which you want to write the post.

For example, if the topic of your guest post is Search Engine Optimization, then you have to search for blogs related to SEO. Which Guest Posts accepted.

Searching the blog for guest posts is not a difficult task because, in today's time, almost all blogs accept guest posts because it allows bloggers to get new content easily.

You should take the help of Google to find blogs accepting guest posts. So that you can easily find Blog for Guest Post.

If your blog is in the Hindi language and you have to post guest, then you search in Google to search Hindi Blogs, guest post Hindi then you will find the Hindi blog easily.

# 2 Check DA and PA: You are guest blogging to rank the blog and get traffic.

So you must check the DA and PA of the blog before choosing the blog.

By posting guest on blogs with more DA and PA than your blog, Ranking has more benefit.

You can use the MOZ free tool to check DA and PA of Blogs or Websites.

# 3 High-Quality Content: Write the best content in Guest Post so that the blog on which you publish the post. Be sure to visit your blog by attracting the readers of that blog.

By the way, Google has said that he is not a big fan of guest blogging, so you should not write Guest Post just to make backlinks.

By writing Guest Post better, you can drive good traffic on the blog.

# 4 Avoid Copy Paste: Duplicate Content is very harmful in the field of blogging so don't copy-paste material in your guest post.

Because no blogger will accept your guest post filled with plagiarism.

Do not try to post a guest by using copy-paste or some other ideas in the matter of posting more, it spoils your relationship with other bloggers.

# 5 Use Unique Topic: Do not choose old topics available on the Internet for guest blogging which is already available in many places.

Try to write a guest post on such new topics for which people are interested.

How can a guest post?

First of all, prepare a guest post by doing thorough research on the topic on which you want to post a guest.

Search for Blogs related to Guest Post and after checking DA, PA, and TRAFFIC, select Blog for Guest Post.

After reading the terms and conditions of the guest post of the chosen blog, read the post and prepare your post accordingly.

According to the policy of the blog, send the guest post to the blog owner.

Now the owner of the blog will publish your post according to his change and you will start getting the benefits of Guest Post.

How to write a guest blogging post?

  • For Guest Blogging Post, select the topic related to your blog. For example, if your blog is related to cooking, then find blogs related to cooking.
  • Keep in mind, you have to write Guest Post always unique. Do not copy anything from anywhere.
  • After finding the topic, do Keyword Research and think about the best title.
  • After all these steps start writing the article, instead of paying attention to the length of your article, prepare a quality article.

What are the benefits of Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging has three main benefits.

# 1 Free Do-Follow Backlink: Each of your guest posts provides a Do-Follow backlink for your website or blog for whole life which will increase the SERP of your website or blog.

Backlinks are very important to rank your blog in the search engine, with the help of these you will be able to rank blog posts first page on google.

# 2 Life Time Traffic: Every guest post you post gets traffic for whole life on your blog, which can make millions of rupees for you.

# 3Build Relation: Guest Post, come and make good relations with other bloggers so that you get many benefits.

Like - 
  • External Links Exchange
  • Free support

# 4 Popularity: By posting a guest on good blogs, all readers of Blogs will get to know you and you will be famous.

People will use your knowledge so that your knowledge will be respected.

The biggest advantage of guest posting is that you do not have a blog or website, yet you can share your knowledge online with people, which is absolutely free service.

How to do a guest post on HTIPS?


Friends, you can also do guest blogging on HTIPS and take all the above-mentioned benefits easily.

If you want to write a guest post on HTIPS then you have to read some points below carefully.

  1. Guest Post must contain at least 1000 Words.
  2. It is also important to have one or two photos that are related to the post, if there is a video then it is very good.
  3. The post should not contain copyrighted content, your photos and videos should also be 100% copyright free.
  4. Post has never been posted on Facebook and WhatsApp, it should be a brand new post.
  5. Your post follows all the rules of Google Adsense.
  6. Guest posts should only be related to earning money online, technology, remedies, blogging, website, study.
  7. You can also contact us for new topics.
  8. The language of the post should be Hindi only and only.
  9. The author's name should also be linked to the email address website or blog.
  10. The post should not contain any incorrect information.

If you can follow all these requirements, then send the post information to HTIPS email id: ishublog9988@gmail.com, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

If there is any question related to this post, we will be happy to help you without asking in the comment box without hesitation.

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