What is Google Question Hub? How is it useful for Bloggers?

What is Google Question Hub? How is it useful for Bloggers?

What is Google Question Hub :- Google never fails to fascinate its users with Innovative Products. They always focus on delivering products to the community that make our work and life easier in many ways. The best example of this we can say is Google Search Engine. This time Google has come up with another great tool, called Google Question Hub. Keep reading our posts to get complete information about Google Question Hub Tool.

Many people do not know about this tool right now. Currently there are many people who know about it and they are also using it. Google Question Hub is still in Beta Mode.

They have given access to only few users and so far the response is really good. Let's get straight to our question what is Google Question Hub Tool.

Google Question Hub
Google Question Hub

1 What is Google Question Hub Tool?
2 How does the Google Question Hub work?
3 Why should you use the Google Question Hub Tool?

In this post I will answer the three main questions that are running in your mind:

  • What is Google Question Hub Tool
  • How the Google Question Hub Tool works
  • Why you should use the Google Question Hub Tool
  • What is Google Question Hub Tool?

The Google Question Hub Tool is a Google-developed platform primarily focused on unanswered questions on the Internet. This is a tool that will be useful for the blogger community to find out about the questions that people often ask. These are the ones whose proper answer is not available.

Currently this tool tool is available in three countries - India, Indonesia and Nigeria. It only focuses on English, Hindi and Bahasa Indonesia language.

There are people in the above three countries who have access to the internet but when it comes to knowledge of the language, they lack it. They often type questions in their mother tongues.

Talking about India, Hindi is the most commonly used language in india. There is a section of the entire population that is more comfortable looking for their questions in Hindi.

On the other hand, there is hardly any blog that answers those questions in Hindi language. So Google is trying to fill this gap with the help of this tool.

It is the same with the other two countries. The people of Indonesia and Nigeria are asking answers to their questions in their own language or  mother tongue. All such questions which are often asked but do not provide any answers are available on Google Question Hub.

How does the Google Question Hub work?

Now let's dive a little deeper into this question about how the Google Question Hub actually works. Most of us think that Google knows everything or that Google has answers for everything but no, we are wrong.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions that people ask and they do not get answers. This is why Google has come with this tool. Do you know that every day 15% of such questions are asked on Google, which were never asked on the Internet before that.

Imagine if you are a blogger and you get the key to a treasure trove of questions that people are actually asking and there are no valid answers for them, then that will be a boon for you.

For a blogger, this is the thing about most tension. They do a lot of hard work and keyword research and find a good keyword. Even after finding that right keyword, they have to fight with competitors.

Google detects all those questions asked on a regular basis and collects them in one place. That place is called Google Question Hub.

We can search for a particular word or subject with the help of this tool. Google will show us all the questions related to the word or topic that people have not answered yet.

Right now Google is giving you access to 100 questions in one go. These 100 questions can be from many categories. Once you have selected the list of questions to answer, you can export those questions to your system with the help of a button named Export to CSV.

If you feel that you do not want to export them to your system then you can mark any question. Later you can come back and check those marked questions as there is a separate tab for it on the left side of the screen.

There is a button of Add Questions on the left side of the screen which will take you to the part where you have to add the questions related to your topic. Then there is a tab of questions where you can find all questions added.

You have a button for History where you can check the questions already asked in Google Question Hub.

It also has a setting option where you can select your language and country. You can also delete your account and the activity from the setting tab.

You also have the Send Feedback button. Since this tool is still in beta version, Google wants to get feedback from bloggers who use it continuously. Google wants to find out if this tool is helpful to the blogger community there.

Why should you use the Google Question Hub Tool?

If you have already read the article completely, then the answer to this question is very clear for you. Most of your time goes behind finding out what people are looking for in terms of content so that you can create content for the same topic. You do a lot of keyword research before writing an article.

The Google Question Hub Tool will make your work easier. You get all those questions in one place that you are looking for to make your upcoming articles.

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