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How to submit website on blog directory submission sites 

Blog Directory Submission: Hello Friends, Welcome to DigitalPedia,  In today's article, we are going to talk about Blog Directory Submission, by which you can create Quality Backlinks by adding your Blog / Website to Blog Directory Submission Sites and Improve the Ranking of your Website. 

Blog Directory Submission
Blog Directory Submission

What is Blog Directory Submission

When we talk about the Internet, we know that there are many things on the Internet through which we can improve the ranking of our website. Among them, Blog Directory Submission Sites is also an option. All websites on these sites are kept in a list based on their Topic, Category, etc. so that one can easily find any Topic website. Because Blog Directory Submission Sites are used a lot and they are very old, so their DA (Domain Authority) is also very high.

When you submit your website on these Blog Directory Submission Sites, you also get Quality Backlink which is mostly Do-Follow Backlink. Now because Do-Follow Backlink is very important for our website, therefore you must submit your website on Blog Directory Submission Sites so that you can get a lot of high-quality backlinks and the ranking of your website or blog can also be improved.

Types of Blog Directory Submission

Normally Blog Directory Submission are three Types -

01: Featured Link- These are Paid Link When you submit your website or blog by selecting this option, then you need to pay here and that directory immediately submits your website to the directory.

02: Regular Link with Reciprocal- On selecting this feature, you're given a code or link from which you've got to feature it to your website or blog.

03: Free Link - On selecting this option, you don't have to give any Fee nor add anything to your website. You can submit your website to the directory absolutely which is free, but you have to give some time to do so.

Selecting this option takes at least 1 Week and Maximum 2 Months but your website is submitted. Therefore, we will suggest you submit your website on Directory Sites through Free Link Option.

How to do Blog Directory Submission

When you want to do Blog Directory Submission, you should have some things like:

  • Website URL
  • Blog Title
  • Description (1000 Words)
  • Blog Description (250-500 Words)
  • Email Id
  • Name
  • Meta Keywords

Website URL: There is a slight issue for URLs on Directory Sites because some Blog Directory Sites except https: // or http: // do nothing, so you must save both these types of URLs first so that you get Directory Submission I have no problem

For Example -  Our Blog URL is or  Similarly, you can also save your Blog URL (Address) separately.

Blog Title: Whatever the name of your blog, it is the title of your blog, just as the name of our blog is DigitalPedia, it will be our title, similarly, write the title of your blog.

Description 1000 Words: Most Blog Directory Submission Sites 1000 Words have Description Requirement, in which you have to tell about your blog in detail about which topic your blog is on, how knowledgeable your content is, unique, etc. You write this kind of content. Save it with your tax so that you do not have to write it again and again.

Blog Description 250 Words: Some Blog Directory Sites Big Description with a Short Description also asks you, then you should write it separately and write only about your blog, there should be an only a short description.

Name / Email Id: By entering the name, you are identified and by entering the Email Id, when he indexes your blog, then you send an email so that you know which directory sites your blog has submitted to which Jin Directory Sites Your blog is not submitted, you can submit them again by writing another description.

Meta Keywords: Now in Meta Keywords, you should write the keywords of your Blog Topic, Categories or Focus Topics and when you write the tags, you must add a Coma after all the words so that it becomes Word Meta Keyword. In this way, you can write all your important words.

This leads to Keyword Density Improvement on your blog or website and the ranking of related articles from those keywords also improves, so you must write all your important keywords.

How to submit website on blog directory submission sites

We have told about all the things above, all of them, first a WordPad, Notepad or M.S. Write on Word and in the last of the article, we have provided you many links to Blog Directory Sites, you can visit and submit your website.

We have also made a video on this topic, which once you see it, then you will have complete knowledge that how you have to submit your blog/website on Directory Sites.

Benefits of Blog Directory Submission

You have different benefits from doing Blog Directory Submission:

Improve your Ranking

When you submit your blog on Directory Sites, then your website is submitted only in the directories of the category which are related to your topic. Due to which being referred from the same topic, the search engine gives us priority to your website and ranking of your website becomes improved.

Quality Backlinks

Almost all Blog Directory Submission Sites provide Do-Follow Backlinks to you, due to this, Quality Backlinks are created for your blog and your website comes to the top rank on Search Engine, so that the Search Engine Through Traffic on your website will also increase looks like.

Keyword Improvement

Many Directory Sites provide you the facility to enter meta keywords so that when your blog is submitted on those sites, then your keywords are also submitted along with them, or when you write the description, you write your focus keywords there too. We do. With this, those keywords are also added with your link, you become the Keyword Improvement of your website or blog.

DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority)

When we link our website with different sites, the domain authority of our website also gets improved, due to which the authority of your pages also improves and Search Engine trusts your website.

Blog Directory Submission Sites List 2020

Blog Directory Submission Sites List 2020
Blog Directory Submission Sites List 2020

These are blog directory submission sites list 2020. Here is Follows - 

In Conclusion (Blog Directory Submission)

Blog Directory Submission is very important for you, so you must do Directory Submission and improve the ranking of your blog so that you can get a lot of traffic through the search engine and you can get more benefits from your blog. If you have a question, then you must tell us in the Comment box, we will try to reply to your question as soon as possible.
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