What is Google Digital Unlocked? What are its benefits?

What is Google Digital Unlocked? What are its benefits?

Google Digital Unlocked

Google Digital Unlocked - In today's time, Google stands with us as a solution to every problem. If we want to know anything, then immediately we search on Google. Google has made our life a lot easier. Google answers all our questions immediately. In such a situation, Google is not only Search Engine but also its other services like YouTube, Gmail, Google Business, Social Networking Site G +, Blogger etc. Which very few people probably know? Today we will tell you about Google's Google Digital Unlocked Project in this article which provides you the option to learn online Digital Marketing. Let's know in detail about what is Google Digital Unlocked?

What is Google Digital Unlocked?
What is Google Digital Unlocked?

What is Google Digital Unlocked?

Google Digital Unlocked is a project launched between Google and the Indian government aimed at making people aware of Digital Marketing in India. Bringing small and big businesses online is a direction to any start-up that was launched by Google CEO Sundar Pichai in January 2017.

We can call Digital Unlocked Google a training program in which Online Offline and Mobile have three options to learn.

Now it comes, how does Google Digital Unlocked work?

In Digital Unlocked Google, you can do your planning what you want to do like your objective is to sell something online, connect with people on social media, learn something or tell more and more people about your work.

With this, if you want to learn from the experience of others, then there are many videos available for you from which you can learn.

Along with learning, you also get the option to check your knowledge, in which you can use your information there and then track the result as well.

By following these steps again and again, you keep learning in Digital Unlocked Google. Let me tell you, there are many topics and their chapters available for you, you have to select your topic and then you will get the chapters related to it.


Google Digital Unlocked Certificate

When you take part in this training program, you have to log it in with your Gmail account. After which when you complete this training program, you are also provided with Google Digital Unlocked Certification, from which you can also apply for any job related to Google Digital Marketing Course.


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