What is Meesho App? And how to earn money from Meesho App in 2019?

What is Meesho App? And how to earn money from Meesho App in 2019?

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  1. What is Meesho App? And how to earn money from Meesho App in 2019?
  2. What is Meesho App?
  3. How to download Meesho App?
  4. Features of Meesho App
  5. How to work in Meesho App?
  6. How to Share Meesho's Product?
  7. How to earn money in Meesho App.

Hello friends and welcome to Digitalpedia. Have you ever heard of Meesho App before. If not, so read this article about what is Meesho App? And how to earn money from Meesho App in 2019? 

E-Commers are gradually becoming very populer in their India. Where big companies such as Amazon, snapdeal and Flipkart have already been a part of Online Shoping.

Some companies have even made apps, so that you can make easy money sitting at home. If you also want to know how to earn money from these apps, so read this full article about what is Meesho App? And how to earn money from Meesho App in 2019? 

What is Meesho App?

What is Meesho App - Meesho is a reselling app through which we can start our own business without investing. You have to sell the products of this companies online or offline. With the help of this, you can start your Business Part Time or Full Time right from home.

Meesho App is such an app where you can set thousands of products according to your price and you can sell it to anyone. And with this you can earn up to 25000 rupees every month. You should have knowledge of marketing and sharing.

Meaning in Meesho App you are given some product details. You have to sell those products online or offline. Meesho Apps gives us the money to do this work.

How to download Meesho App?

To download the Meesho App, you will get the button of the below Meesho App Download, you have to download the app by clicking on it and after downloading the Meesho App, you must enter the Referral Code: VZXNDKT655 here, which will give you 30% discount. If you do not enter the Refer Code on first order, then you will not get 30% discount.

                    Meesho App Download

Features of Meesho App

The special thing in this app is that 2 options of payment are available in it. First, you can give the goods to Costomer by paying for it yourself and secondly, Cash On Delivery Option is also available in it.

You do not need to pay in Cash On Delivery. In this only the employees of Meesho will take money from the customer and Meesho will pay you your money.

How to work in Meesho App?

Friends, you will have to send the product to your customer. You can take any product here and you can also set the rate of that product yourself. As much as you want, you can add Profit Margin and sell it to your customer at that rate with the COD facility.


For example, if you are selling any dress and its Base Amount is Rs.200, then you can sell it for as much as 300, 400 as much as you want. Suppose in this you sold the dress for 400 rupees, then your Profit Margin will be 200 rupees in it.

In this, one thing that you should keep in mind is that you should add as much profit as people can buy it, because it is a drop-shipping business, so if you think about people, the more profit you will have.

How to Share Meesho's Product?

Nowadays everyone uses social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, so you can share your product on all these social media, so that you can earn more money.

  • On WhatsApp, you can share your product by creating WhatsApp Group & Broadcast.
  • In Facebook, you can message your Facebook Page, Facebook Group and your customer.
  • In this way, you can earn money by sharing your product.

How to earn money from Meesho App

1) In Meesho App you get 150 on First Purchase and then 1% Bonus till 18 Months.
2) You can earn money by adding your Margin in Meesho App.
3) You can also do Earning through Referral & Sharing in Meesho App.
4) You can earn Bonus by completing Weekly Target every week in Meesho App.
5) You will get your Margin in your Bank Account every 10th day of every month like 10th, 20th, 30th.

What is the Term And Condition of Meesho App?

This app has a 7 Days Return Policy, in which the customer can get Easy Return if the product does not like the product or on the delivery of Quality Issue such as Color, Size, Defects or any type of issue.

If the customer feels some size issue then he can get the product replaced by Meesho and also request for refund if he wants.

This app returns within 7 days, after that a customer cannot request a return and neither Refund and Replace can be requested from Meesho.

To get your Margin, you have to upload your Bank Account and Cancelled Check on Meesho so that you can take your Margin and Bonus in your Account.

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