12 Off Page SEO Techniques 2020 - DigitalPedia

12 Off Page SEO Techniques 2020 - DigitalPedia

Welcome to DigitalPedia! Today I am talking about Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020, which are very useful for every blogger. Off-Page SEO techniques in SEO are must be used by every blogger. 

Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020
Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020 

Now, we discuss the latest Off-page Seo techniques 2020, so let's get started -

Off-Page SEO Techniques in SEO -  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which means optimizing the website according to the search engine, to optimize any website according to the search engine, it is very important for you to have knowledge of two types of SEO. First (On-Page SEO) and Second (Off-Page SEO) because you will never be able to bring your website to a good rank until you are complete about these two SEOs.

You should have good knowledge of both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO so that you can optimize your website well both inside and outside.

We learn those Techniques inside Off-Page SEO. With which we can promote our website as much as possible and create backlinks, which leads to the Ranking Improvement of our website.

What is Off-Page SEO?

When we create our own blog or website, only information about that blog is available to us. Therefore, we need to give information about our website to as many people as possible so that people can get information about our website and they should visit our website,

Which you can also say to promote the website, along with it, inside Off-Page SEO, we also learn about Link Building so that Search Crawler can quickly find our website and quickly show it to the top in Search Result.

The techniques we use to do both of these tasks are called Off-Page SEO Techniques. 

Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020 

As we have already told that within Off-Page SEO we learn about Promotion and Link Building of the website.

There is also some similarity between Promotion and Link Building of the website because when we promote our website, we also give our website link so that Visitor can click on that link to visit our website and Traffic Increase on our website. The same condition also occurs in Link Building

Because even there, when a visitor clicks on our given link, it gets redirected to our website.

But there are differences in both, so we will learn about these two and the techniques used in them so that you can clear the topic of Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020  well.

12 Off-Page SEO Techniques for Beginners

Off-Page SEO Techniques in SEO : Website Promotion Techniques when we promote our website on different sources on the Internet, it is called Website Promotion Techniques-

Off Page SEO Techniques 2019
Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020 

01- Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites are the best medium to promote any product because most people are social

Create your account on Media Sites and also remain active on Maximum Time Social Media Site.

Now along with Social Media Sites, social media apps are also used a lot. Therefore, you can promote your website well by using Social Media Sites and Android Apps.

Benefits of Social Media Sites

It is also very important to use social media sites properly because it is not that you just create your account on any social media site and share the link of your website and you will get traffic, so you must first You have to see what facility the Social Media Site is providing to you.

On most social media sites you get the facility to create a page, so first of all you create a page on that site with the name of your website so that your page will also be promoted along with the link you have shared on that site and that Like the page so that you can get maximum followers.

Benefit of increasing followers, you get that whenever you share a link on your page, then your followers get notification so that they get the information of your link and they click on the link you have shared your article. Let's read it.

Another advantage of creating pages on Social Media Site is that you can add people to your account in a limit on Social Media Account, but increase Unlimited Followers on Pages.

Along with this, you will also get a lot of Groups on Social Media, so you join the related group from your Topic and share the link of your website and article in that group, so that you get easily interested people on your topic and your Chances of clicking on links also increase. Some of the most popular Social Media Sites.

For example:
Google Plus

02- Photo Sharing Sites

There are many such websites on the Internet where you can share images uploaded on your website.

Photos are very good medium to promote any product or website, as well as you can give the URL of your post with these photos so that people who see your image and they have interest on that topic, then they can link to that link. You can visit your website by clicking on.

For example:
Google Image

Etc. are the most popular sites where you can share your image.

03- Video Sharing Sites

Watching video is liked by almost everyone, that's why most companies use Video Ads to promote their product.

You can upload videos on Video Sharing Sites for free by creating videos of your website or posts / articles to be published on it. Also, there are many Video Sharing Sites that provide ads on your videos, which means that you can also earn from your videos.

In this way, you can promote your website by creating videos of published articles on your website, as well as you can earn Earning from those videos.

For example:
Daily Motion

Etc. are the most popular Video Sharing Sites using which you can do both Promotion and Earning simultaneously.

Most bloggers use YouTube and they also share a link to their article in the Description Box along with the video on their YouTube channel.

We have also created a YouTube channel named TechbyRS on YouTube and we have seen that a lot of traffic also increases on our website from YouTube.

04- Question Answering Sites

There are many websites on the Internet where you can ask your questions. If you look at these sites, questions are asked on almost all the topics here. You can also give the URL of your website in reply to those questions. Question Answer Sites are used very much in today's time, so you can easily get questions related to your topic.

Replying to a question on Question Answering Sites gives you two advantages- 1 you get a backlink and 2- Every question can be viewed by the people who reply to the answer that you have made. let's read. This promotes your website more.

For example:
Yahoo Question Answer

Etc. are the most popular Question Answering Sites.

05- Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is a very good option to promote any blog because through Blog Commenting you can comment on those blogs which are Relevant from your Topic because when you comment on such a blog, then you People are easily found who are interested in your topic.

Blog commenting is very easy to do, you can do related searches related to your Topic or Keyword on the Internet and you can give the URL of your blog in the Comment Box by commenting on the blogs that you find on the top.

With which the Visitor of that blog visits your website by clicking the link given on your comment and you also get Quality Backlinks.

06- Forum Posting

Forums are like a group created on any topic where people interested on that topic can ask their questions and share their experience with each other, so firstly you should find such forums on which your topic Those who are related to your topic should ask their questions on that forum.

With which you can reply to those questions by answering them and also give the URL of your blog.

In this way, you can give information about your blog to people related to your topic, so that they visit your blog. This is the easiest and effective way to do Traffic Increase on Blog. Today almost all Bloggers use Forums and they get a lot of traffic too.

Off-Page SEO: How do Link Building?

Doing Link Building means putting your website link in places where you get a backlink for your website and the ranking of your website gets improved quickly. There are many Techniques of Link Building using which you can create Quality Backlinks for your blog-

01- Search Engine Submission

After creating any website, it is most important that we give information search engine of that website so that it can index our website and show our website in search results.

There are many Search Engines on the Internet that most people use to search on any topic. Therefore, it is important for us to submit our website on all those Search Engines so that our website can be shown in the results of all those Search Engines and we can get traffic on our website.

For example:

These are the most popular Search Engines that are used by almost everyone today. On all these Search Engines you have to submit your website, for which you can use their Webmaster Tools.

02- Pinging

There are many tools available on the Internet to do Ping, with the help of which you can ping your website and articles.

Pinging adds to your website Search Engine's Different Browsers and Social Bookmarking Sites, adding you to Backlinks as well as other Browsers of your Website Search Engine and Chances of your website is shown in Search Result They increase very much.

For example:
Ping My URL

03- Articles Submission Sites

There are many websites on the Internet that provide you the facility to publish articles. You can give a link to your main articles by writing a Demo article for your article on these sites.

By using Articles Submission Sites, you can create Do-Follow Backlinks for your website and these Backlinks are very effective so that your website gets ranked quickly.

For example:

These are the most popular articles submission sites. On which you can create backlinks of your website and articles by writing a small article.

04- Guest Posting

Guest posting means that you go to another website and write your article. You can also say that when you write an article for another website, it is called Guest Posting.

One benefit of doing guest posting is that you can write articles on the popular sites that the Daily Thousands of Peoples visit.

You can also share your name and information about your website on those sites, so that the visitors of that website get information about your website and you can also give a link to your website with your article. you can get a Quality Backlink along with the Promotion.

05- Blog Directory Sites

There are many Blog Directory Sites on the Internet, on which you can submit your blog for free. Submitting your blog on Blog Directory Sites gives you Do-Follow Backlinks for your website.

Because Do-Follow Backlinks are very important for the website, so you should submit your website on more and more Blog Directory Sites, but one more important thing is also that when you submit your website on Blog Directory Sites Then you have to select a category.

You select only the right category and you should not add your website at all on the Blog Directory Sites where you do not get the related category from your topic.

06- Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites are those sites where you can create Do-Follow Backlinks by submitting your website articles.

There are many social bookmarking websites on the Internet, on which you can create an account and add links to your latest articles on those sites.

For example:

Etc. are very popular Social Bookmarking Sites. Along with this, you will get to know about many social bookmarking sites on the Internet, on which you can create your account and create Do-Follow Backlinks for your website.

In Conclusion: Off Page SEO Techniques 2020 

Doing "Off-Page SEO" is very important for any website because, with the help of Off-Page SEO, you can promote your website more and more and create more and more backlinks. Due to which there is a traffic increase on your website and you get maximum benefit from your website.

If you like this article about Off SEO Techniques 2020, then please comment and share this article with your blogger friends. 

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