Top 15 Best Seo Tips and Tricks 2019 - DigitalPedia

Top 15 Best Seo Tips and Tricks 2019 - DigitalPedia

Welcome to DigitalPedia! Our post today will be based on Best SEO Tips and Tricks 2019. Today, through this post, we will know what are those Best Seo Tips and Tricks that you can follow and rank your blog on Google's First Page in 2019. And you can get a large amount of Unique Visitors on your blog.

When organic visitors do not come to our blog or website, then there is not even a desire to write a post on the blog. But organic traffic will come only when we have knowledge of proper SEO. Today we will talk about similar Best SEO Tips and Tricks 2019.

If you are a beginner, then this post is going to help a lot in increasing the traffic of your blog.

The Top 15 Best SEO tips and tricks we are going to talk about, you have to read those points carefully and follow them on our blog. Ranking of Blog or Website does not just depend on SEO Friendly Article but it also has some more Reasons due to which Google brings your Blog to the top in its Search List.

So let's find out which are the Top 15 Best SEO Tips and Tricks.

Top 15 Best Seo Tips and Tricks 2019

Best Seo Tips and Tricks 2019 to Get High Ranking

Today we have written down the Top 15 Best Seo tips and tricks that we are going to talk about, all these tips have to be followed. Do not miss even a single Tips.

  • Create Responsive website
  • Increase Website Speed
  • Website Health
  • Must Use .com Domain
  • SEO Friendly Post Url
  • Must Have Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Use SEO Friendly Post Title
  • Article Length
  • Optimize Your Image
  • Embed Videos
  • Interlinking
  • Must Have Author Box
  • Use Proper Headings
  • Keyword density
  • Domain age

You have to keep these 15 things in mind. Now we will read these 'Top 15 Best Seo Tips and Tricks' in details.

1. Create Responsive website

Before ranking any post, you should check whether your website or blog is responsive because Google never gives high ranking to such blogs or websites that are not mobile responsible.

You can check the responsibility of your blog by visiting the site of Google's Mobile Friendly Test.

2. Increase Website Speed

To increase the speed of the website or blog, you should remove the useless widgets from your blog. With which the size of the website will be reduced and its load time will be reduced and the speed of the website will increase. Website Speed   has a huge contribution in the ranking of a website or blog.

3. Website Health

There are many such sites on the Internet where you can check the health of your blog by entering the url of your blog or website. From there you will know that there is no Malware or any similar Virus injected in your blog. You must check the health of your site here once in the week. If your site contains Malware Inject, then Google will not Crawl your site. So keep this point in mind.

4. Must Use .com Domain

When you search any keyword on Google, 80-90% of the results that Google shows you will be Domains with Results .com Extension. The main reason for this is that most of the Domains .com are in the whole world.

According to Verisign, Website, as of 8, October 2018, the total number of .com domains is 137,659,182. So you also have to choose a .com domain for high ranking. There are 90% chance that you can get Ranking.

5. SEO Friendly Post Url

Url SEO should be friendly for any post you are about to publish. Do not put Year or Numbers in your Url. The keyword that you have written on your post must be in the URL of your post. If you are writing a post on Blogger then definitely see it because Blogger, in default, automatically generates URLs which are not SEO friendly. Publish Post by making it SEO Friendly Post Url.

6. Must Have Breadcrumb Navigation

Google's new updates have increased the ranking of websites that have Breadcrumb Navigation. Therefore, following the new update, you should also use Breadcrumb Navigation in your blog.

The link shown in the image is called Breadcrumb Navigation. You have to use a Template or Theme which has Breadcrumb Navigation. If you are a Wordpress user, you can also install the Plugins for Breadcrumb Navigation.

7. Use SEO Friendly Post Title

Along with your Url, your post should also be Title SEO Friendly.

Make the title so that the user knows that what your post is related to. Create a Searchable Title and change it to Long Tail Keyword. Once you have done a search that there is no post index before any title that you have used. If koi post is already an index from that same title, then you publish the post only by changing the title of your post a little.

8. Article Length

If the keyword you are trying to rank is competitive on that keyword then you will have to increase the length of your article. If you are writing an article on the Keyword of Medium Competition, then the length of your article should be minimum 2000 words.

And if you are working on a low competition keyword then you should write an article of Minimum 1000 Words.

9. Optimize Your Image

You must use Minimum one image in each of your posts and that image should be optimized.

Question: How to optimize images for Seo?

By Image Optimization we mean keywords must be in the name of your image, in its title and in the Alt Tag (Necessary).

The size of the image should not be more than 100KB, so you can use any Online Image Compressor Site.

10. Embed Videos

If you make a video on Youtube, then embed the videos of Youtube in your post. If you do not make a video, then embed any video related to that topic, but definitely take permission from the owner of that video. Otherwise the copyright strike may come, so please take permission once.

See this video -


 11. Interlinking

Linking other posts of your own blog or website to your new post is called Interlinking. You have to keep all your posts interlinked with each other.

This increases User Engagement and your Bounce Rate is also low, so do Interlinking. From the point of view of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there should be a minimum 1 link in your post.

12. Must Have Author Box

Google's new Algorithm has promoted Ranking Up of Blogs that had Author Box while promoting Author Box.

For this, you must use the Author Box. There are many plugins of Author Box for Wordpress Users, you can create your own Author Box by installing one, but for those blogging on Blogger, this is a problem because there is no Plugin on Blogger.

For this, you have to use such a template that Author Box Support does.

13. Use Proper Headings

Using the headings in your blog well, your ranking is also good. Do not use H1 Heading more than one (1) times in any article. According to the length of your article, you can use H2 Heading 3-5 times. And also use H3 Heading in the article. Put 200-300 words between the two headings.

14. Keyword Density

In order to rank your post, many bloggers keep pasting the keyword in their article repeatedly.
But this will not make your post rank. If the Keyword Density in your post will be more than 3%, then Google or other search engines can put your site in the Spam List, so that your site will never get Ranking.

Question: What is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density simply means how many times your Keyword has appeared in your article. If your article is of 100 words, then you can use your Keyword maximum 3 times in it. Don't keep the Keyword Density between 2-2.5% and above 3%.

15. Domain Age

If you have just purchased a new domain and are writing a blog on it. And you are writing Medium or High Competition Keywords as an article in your blog and you are thinking that you will rank your blog. So it is not possible at all.

To rank keywords of any low, medium or high competition, your domain must be 1 year old than the minimum 6 months.

So you do not have to worry, just keep writing regular posts.


We hope that the 15 tips we have shared in this post of Top 15 Best SEO Tips and Tricks 2019 will read all those points correctly and will definitely follow in your blog. If you blogging, you must have Mobile Blogging in your Smartphone Apps must be there.

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